Tilburg University, CSAI (Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence)

Martin Atzmueller

Associate Professor Dr. habil.
Martin Atzmueller - PI
Contact: m.atzmuller@uvt.nl

Stefan Bloemheuvel

Stefan Bloemheuvel - Master student

Cicek Güven

Cicek Güven - Lecturer/Researcher

Rick Mackenbach

Rick Mackenbach - Master student

Spyroula Masiala

Spyroula Masiala - PhD student

Menno van Leeuwen

Menno van Leeuwen - Master student

Martijn van Otterlo

Martijn van Otterlo - Assistant Professor

Travis Wiltshire

Travis Wiltshire - Assistant Professor

Associated Researchers

Arjan Haring

Arjan Haring - Scientific Associate (JADS)

Daan Kolkman

Daan Kolkman - Associated Researcher (Postdoc/Senior Researcher, JADS)

Werner Liebregts

Werner Liebregts - Associated Researcher (Assistant Professor, JADS)

Frederique van Leeuwen

Frederique van Leeuwen - Associated Researcher (PhD student, JADS)

Research - About

The Computational Sensemaking Lab (CSLab) focuses on how to ‘make sense‘ in the context of complex information and knowledge processes from an interdisciplinary perspective. By collecting and analyzing rich data to transform our understanding of individuals, organizations, and societies, we aim at augmenting human intelligence for assisting the involved actors in all their purposes both online and in the physical world. This is enabled by developing computational methods and tools for computational sensemaking, focusing on advanced data modeling, explicative analysis, and transparent decision-support.
Our research focuses on:

CSLab is an interdisciplinary group of scholars, mainly based at the Department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence (DCA) at Tilburg University. With a branch at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS), it also integrates a number of associated researchers from JADS.



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